World Hepatitis Day

Turks and Caicos, July 27, 2017 – Providenciales – World Hepatitis Day is observed on July 28th each year.  The purpose is to bring awareness of this infectious disease and its challenges which include support, treatment and prevention of Hepatitis. Globally every year 1-4 million people die from this disease and WHO is seeking to eradicate Hepatitis by 2030. In the Turks & Caicos there has been an increase over the past 2 years.

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a group of infectious diseases (A, B, C, D and E).   Hepatitis B & C causes Liver cancer world-wide.   A large percent of persons are not aware of their status which can result in fatal liver disease and unknowingly transmit the virus to others.

Types of Hepatitis

Hepatitis A – Commonly transmitted by food and water or faeces from infected persons

Hepatitis B & C – Contracted by unprotected sex, sharing of needles, blood transfusion and mother to child.

Hepatitis D – Direct contact with blood and blood products.

Hepatitis E – This is a water-borne disease caused by poor sanitation, which is a direct result of faecal matter contamination in the water.


Hepatitis can only be diagnose by a blood test.


Hepatitis A- Does not require any treatment, it is a short term illness which the body’s immune system takes care of.

Hepatitis B- Acute B requires no treatment but Chronic Hepatitis is treated with antiviral medication and there is no cure but can be prevented by vaccination.

Hepatitis C – Acute & Chronic C can be treated with antiviral medication and is curable.

Hepatitis D- No antiviral medication exists for treatment and is rarely diagnosed.

Hepatitis E – No specific medication is available for treatment.


  1. Vaccination is available against B & C
  2. Use of a condom
  3. Safe needle sharing practices
  4. Strengthening screening
  5. Raising awareness

The Minister and Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services join in with the remainder of world in observance in of “World Hepatitis Day” and wishes to reiterate that prevention is always the best cure.

Press Release: TCIG

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