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Synergy Students Visit ALIV

Bahamas, July 7, 2017 – Nassau – Students attending the 4th Annual Career Studio Summer Camp put on by Synergy Bahamas visited ALIV Headquarters on Thursday, July 7.   The junior and senior high school students are mostly interested in marketing, graphics and web design, and decided to visit ALIV as it is one of the newest and most innovative companies in The Bahamas.

P1070434The group toured the Petersfield Street facility and met with staff in several departments including Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, and Corporate Sales among others.  The team met several managers and had the opportunity to meet Valeria Gardiner, Executive ALIV Assistant to the company’s CAO.

The students also received ALIV giftbags. ALIV believes in empowering youth through education and welcomed the students who were enthusiastic about learning more about the company.

Press Release: ALIV


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