Premier speaks out on Tourist Attack, Positive Campaign to launch


Turks and Caicos, June 27th 2017: Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson will embark on an aggressive positive campaign in coming days and months with Tourist stakeholders in an effort to reaffirm the TCI as a safe destination. In a release, the Premier says her government is working arduously with the Police Service on “devising a way forward on repairing the obvious fall out” following the attack on American Tourist, Kevin Newman.

In acknowledging the incident as an eye opener to the people of the TCI, the Premier says her government will not tolerate any heinous crimes and stated that “serious crime strategies were already in train together with tougher penalties” and a plan to save its youth as the keys to lowering crime in the TCI.

And one of the areas she says government is working on is sending added police to the Grace Bay area, while she reminded the public that stiff penalties for gun crimes and crimes against visitors to our shores were already in law.

Premier Robinson says while she will not downplay the incident, she says “crime fighting is everyone’s business” and called for an ‘all hands on deck’ approach in the TCI, with “residents and visitors alike asked to be vigilant and not take any unnecessary risks by making yourselves an easy victim”.

And while she says now was not the time to make speeches, she reiterated her government’s crime fighting initiatives, including $1.2M set aside for new policing vehicles, and the CCTV project currently on the cards.

Meanwhile, the Premier says despite the NHIP policy her government was able to offer coverage for medical transport, but arrangements were already done privately. The premier says the Tourist Board will continue to maintain contact with Mrs Newman and receive updates on his care.





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