Mixed feelings following Govt public meeting in Provo

Turks and Caicos, June 7, 2017 – Providenciales –  Residents turned out in healthy numbers to talk to the new PDM Administration and while some who attended got promising news, others saw hopes dashed.  The Hotel Workers were told by the Finance Minister and Premier, Sharlene Robinson that in time for Christmas, they will see the service charge issue rectified, stating that her party as Opposition brought the matter to the House of Assembly, so there is no way they will not see the measure through.

About noxious and potentially hazardous fumes coming from FortisTCI on Leeward Highway, it was explained that a 2012 report was completed and the Health Minister Edwin Astwood promised to review it to see what were the findings and recommendations about the smoke emanating from FortisTCI stacks.   The issue of the possible pollution has been gaining traction on social media.

About matters of concern to taxi drivers, Minister responsible Delroy Williams explained there has to be a change in the quota of licensed operators within the law; it was explained that there are currently too many taxis and matters about contracts with various resorts continues to be challenge among the taxi groups.   The Public Transportation laws will also have to be altered as the Government deals with the vexing problems linked to illegal jitneys; one suspected jitney driver said he wants to have an opportunity when the time comes.

The Premier assured that jitneys will first have to be rightly outfitted to transport the public, that is having a suitable vehicle before being given approval.   One suggestion was that current taxi drivers should be disqualified from also getting a public bus license as government moves to regulate public transportation.

A show of hands revealed that those attending the Provo meeting prefer to see a return to Daylight savings time in line with the United States.

There was some push back on a coming policy to allow resorts and other like businesses concessions to renovate their properties.   The Premier explained that it was indigenous business people who asked for the consideration, which she said will go to consultation.

Millennium Heights Home Owners exposed that Priton Development is still building and moving residents into homes despite being ordered by Government not to, that Priton Development is dodging the home owners who are filing a class action lawsuit and that Government does not consider itself responsible for the home construction scheme, which for many residents is shoddy yet still passed Planning Department inspections.

Government had also ordered Priton to light streets, pave roads and construct the park – there was no clear communication on what the PDM Administration was now prepared to do to ensure Priton fulfilled their agreement with TCIG.   Representatives of the Association said they were disappointed in the response.




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