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Bahamas: More death at sea, shark attack

Bahamas, June 7, 2017 – Nassau – A third drowning in four days and in the face of rip current warnings, water spout announcements and rough surf conditions may mean The Bahamas has to change how it protects beach goers and what it requires of tour operators for out to sea adventures.

On Tuesday night, a Chinese man was rushed to hospital after losing consciousness while out swimming with co workers on Cable Beach.  Police report that those friends got the man out of the water, gave him CPR, that he was taken to hospital, given more CPR but that the Chinese man still died.

Also being reported, that an American woman remains hospitalized, in serious condition, after an apparent shark attack near Athol Island, which is east of Paradise Island.   The woman was snorkeling last week Friday around noon, which was the Labour Day holiday, when she was attacked. Investigations into these incidents are ongoing.





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