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Bahamas Crime Report:  Two murders, counterfeit cash, husband critically injured by wife

Bahamas, June 6, 2017 – NassauTwo murders in four hours in Nassau as Police report that overnight a shooting victim died in hospital.  They are searching for two suspects in connection to that crime which happened around 9pm.  

It is said the man was standing at convenience store on Rosedale Street, off Mackey Street when two men emerged from a truck, with handguns and shot him.  They sped off in a green, single cab Ford Ranger.  

The killing earlier on Whit Monday holiday happened on Okra Hill at the home of the victim, shortly before 5pm.  The man was found lying dead on the ground in front of his home and he too was shot.  Police need help in solving these matters.  

Police also arrested a Brazilian man for possession of $4,000 in counterfeit US money.  The man was staying at a hotel on Paradise Island and Police, following a lead arrested the man in his room.  It is when officers found the Brazilian to still have a large amount of counterfeit currency in his possession.  That arrest happened yesterday also.  

And, a woman was taken into custody after throwing a corrosive chemical on her husband; the man is critical in hospital now.  The pair was arguing at their home on St. Alban’s Drive on Sunday around 3pm.  

Police say investigations into the matter, and all others are ongoing.  





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