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Grand Bahama Rejects PLP, Turnquest Says “Partisan Politics” is the Reason

Bahamas, May 17, 2017 – Nassau – Deputy Prime Minister of Bahamas and Minister of Finance, Kevin Peter Turnquest scored a landslide victory of the Grand Bahama constituency in this month’s election. Mr. Turnquest spoke to Magnetic Media about why he thinks residents of Grand Bahama chose the FNM.

“I think Grand Bahamians were just tired of being abused, neglected and tired of all the partisan politics. When the government establishes programs, it cannot be for one side or the other. At the end of the election, we’re all Bahamians and whatever benefits there are that flow to people of the island, has to be for all.”

“What has been going on in Grand Bahama over the last 5 years, is a very partisan view of how government benefits and opportunities were distributed. We (The FNM) were successful in helping them to realize that they can do better.” he stated.

Mr. Turnquest also spoke on the FNM’s landslide victory and what this means for their party, now in the leadership position. “It is a tremendous responsibility for us because now, having gotten this player mandate, we have to act on behalf of the people. Our focus has to be about building and empowering our people to ensure that they have opportunities in this society.”

The official voting results for Grand Bahama were:
Peter Turnquest FNM 3,221
Preston Cooper PLP 1,503
Elkanah Pinder DNA 182



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