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New Government of Cayman Islands Remains Unclear, Independents Win Most Seats

Cayman Islands, May 25, 2017 – George Town – Former Premier McKeeva Bush was among the victorious candidates in Wednesday’s general election, but the outcome as to who will form the government remains unclear. With all 19 seats counted – the tally was nine independents, seven from the incumbent People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) and three from the opposition Cayman Democratic Party (CDP).

The party to win at least 10 seats will form the next government. With the majority of seats won, the independent candidates will now have to side with either the government (PPM) or the opposition (CDP) to form the next government of The Cayman Islands.

The election results were a mixed bag for the PPM as the party suffered the critical loss of three sitting legislatures in George Town and Bodden Town.

Party leader Alden McLaughlin and deputy leader Moses Kirkconnell won re-election easily in their districts.

He attributed a low voter turnout to the new system.

“I suspect there was a low turnout because there is a lot of dissatisfaction,” Bush told reporters.

“People are not supportive of the system. I don’t think it worked well for our democracy.” he said. The new system he referred to, was the equitable system of one man, one vote, that was applied in the elections for the first time. As a result, all voters chose only one candidate on the ballot in their constituency.



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