British Children’s Charity launches safe-guarding workshop in TCI

Turks and Caicos, may 5, 2017 – Grand Turk – A country wide effort is on to train teachers and other school staff how to detect child abuse and other issues negatively affecting children. This initiative is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and will be conducted in the public and private schools throughout the country on May 4-16 . The training will be done by Barnardo’s Children Charity on the islands of Grand Turk, South Caicos, Providenciales and North Caicos.

Barnardo’s is a British charitable organization founded by Thomas Barnardo in 1866. The organization is based in London and was established to care for and positively transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people. Additionally, it provides childcare and safety services to parents and individuals, who work within child centered organizations or institutions.

Dr. Julie Dugdale, Head of Business for Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy, spoke to Magnetic Media about the training sessions and safe-guarding children in Turks and Caicos. “Over the next two weeks, we are training all of the educators across Turks and Caicos. We’ll be helping them to look for the signs and indicators of child abuse and to understand how best to respond. We’ll then be looking at how to report those concerns and how to work together with the other agencies to ensure children are kept safe.”

Dr. Dugdale said that the issue of child abuse in Turks and Caicos is the same as anywhere else in the world and they, as adults, have a responsibility to protect children. “We know that children need to be protected, they need the support of adults, not just here in Turks and Caicos but everywhere. We’re very pleased that colleagues in Turks and Caicos are working in partnership with Barnardo’s and the Foreign and Commonwealth office to look at how we can tackle this issue together.



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