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Symonette plays the race card



Bahamas, April 27, 2017 – Nassau – “Are we saying that a rich, white person shouldn’t run for parliament?” These were the sentiments expressed by Former Deputy Prime Minister and FNM candidate for St. Anne’s, Brent Symonette in a response to a preacher who voiced his disapproval on air, articles posted in the newspaper and other critics who questioned his wealth. He added, “if rich people aren’t suppose to be in politics, then that is a sad day for the Bahamas.” This comes as a result of his financial declarations, which earned him the top spot on the wealthiest list of candidates vying for office in this year’s general election.

Financial disclosures, which were officially submitted to the Parliamentary Registration Department this past week, showed that Symonette has a net worth of $156,235,000. This amount far exceeds that of the other nine candidates on the list of top 10 wealthiest candidates combined.

Symonette said, however, “I’m comfortable with my declaration” despite the backlash he’s been receiving. He added, “I’m a Bahamian so I have that right, and if you want to criticize me for it, fine.”

Many critics have been focusing on the suspicious huge jump in Symonette’s assets from one year to the next. However, he explained that the reason for this was because he inherited his mother’s wealth after she passed way. He also said, “They want to make a lot of issues” but explained that his earnings were due to the fact that, “I’ve been out of government for 5 years, gone back to the private sector.”

Symonette also fired back to critics stating that there were other candidates vying for a parliamentary position who were holders of U.S bank accounts and questioned whether or not they had declared or could explain those accounts.

Also suspicious is Tourism Minister, Hon. Obediah Wilchcombe declaring his net worth to be $1,512,751.14, yet has listed $0 in his savings account. He also listed no insurance, no accounts receivable, and no security, real estate or other income except a salary of $105,000. This has also left citizens questioning his bad saving habits as a government minister. North Andros and Berry Islands’ constituency candidate, Denise Rolle, however, listed the lowest net worth. Rolle listed a net worth of $1,500 with no salary noted.

Symonette’s net worth is 27 times that amount of Prime Minister Perry Christie. Christie, however, was also among the long list of millionaire candidates. According to financial disclosures, the Prime Minister has declared his net worth to be $2, 029,151 which isn’t a big change from his last declaration in 2012. Vying to remove Christie from his Centreville constituency is newbie Bishop James Darling of the Bahamas Constitution Party. Darling ranked #2 on the wealthiest list with a net worth of $48M, listing his occupation as “Minister of religion.” Though it is unclear where Darling’s net worth is derived from, he also listed no salary.

Story By: Kay-Marie Fletcher




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Royal Caribbean to open adults only private island destination



Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer


#TheBahamas, September 19, 2023 – Royal Caribbean is working on a major project, announcing plans to open a new adults-only “escape” Hideaway Beach at its CocoCay private-island destination in The Bahamas, come January 2024.

The “beachfront paradise,” set to be situated at the western side of Perfect Day at CocoCay, behind Thrill Waterpark, will have a private beach and multiple pools with DJ music, 20 private cabanas and several spots for “drinks and bites,” the company says.

Not only that, it will include a “hidden VIP experience.”

Michael Bayley, Royal Caribbean International President and CEO is of the impression that this will bring a compelling, sought after new way to enjoy a day at its private island.

He said, “Hideaway Beach is a completely new vibe and experience that vacationers are looking for on Perfect Day at CocoCay.”

It is going to be a getaway spot for adults, only 18 or older allowed to enter.

“Everything from its hidden-like location to the exclusive beach and pools to the private cabanas is designed for adults who want a day just for them,” the CEO said.

The space, according to Claudia Diaz-Gonzalez, Royal Caribbean Associate Vice President of Private Destination Development, will be able to host between 1,500 and 2,000 guests.

No specific day was provided for the opening.

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Eleuthera Medical Center Marks 5 Years, Private community clinic ‘grows with the demand’, adds Dental and Dermatology to slate of services



#Eleuthera, The Bahamas, September 19, 2023 – A Family Island clinic that started with a vision to serve the community with the best in private medical care and wellness regardless of a patient’s financial standing celebrated its fifth anniversary this month, announcing new services it said were those most strongly requested by patients.

Eleuthera Medical Center (EMC), the flagship of Bahamas Wellness Health Systems, marked its anniversary adding dental and dermatology to its growing list of medical specialties that includes primary wellness, vision, gynecology and pediatrics. Some services are offered on an ongoing daily basis provided by physicians at one of Bahamas Wellness Health Systems (BWHS) four clinics, others are offered on a rotating basis by visiting medical specialists and associates on a regularly scheduled rotating basis.

“When we opened our doors to this clinic in 2018, we knew there was a need for full-time medical care and especially attention to wellness in Eleuthera,” said EMC and Bahamas Wellness Health Systems founder Dr. Arlington Lightbourne. “But we underestimated how appreciative the community would be that there were always physicians on call, that in the case of an emergency we could respond, that we provided an ambulance and emergency care saving patients from having to be airlifted to Nassau or beyond.”

Lightbourne said the years have not been without challenges.

“For nearly 18 months, we endured COVID, conducting testing outdoors, trying to keep our spirits strong and staff well so they could care for others and yet in a small community like Eleuthera where you know someone in everyone’s family it’s hard not to feel the pain and suffering others feel,” said Dr. Lightbourne. “But we doubled down and said we are here for the long haul and whatever the path is to provide the best in care, to make that care affordable and to improve the wellness of the community overall, that is the journey we are on, and it has been an incredibly rewarding one.”

To support that emphasis on wellness, the clinic located in the settlement of Palmetto Point adjacent to Governors Harbour in the heart of central Eleuthera, offers regularly scheduled lectures and town meetings with a nutritionist and wellness expert who is part of the team. Lightbourne’s interest in well-being stems from his work in Emergency Care at both PMH and Doctors Hospital where the vast number of cases he treated were the result of non-communicable diseases and conditions including heart attacks, high blood pressure and cancer related to lifestyle – poor diet high in fats and low in nutrition and lack of proper physical exercise.

Today, he said he is seeing more interest in preventative care, a sign that Bahamians learned from Covid and its aftermath that wellness matters.

“We have a brighter future ahead of us and I am proud of what we are doing in Eleuthera and our other clinics to make a difference in The Bahamas with careful diagnoses and individual attention to how people conduct their daily lives when it comes to their overall wellness,” said Lightbourne, now the deputy director of the Bahamas Medical Association and an authorized NHI provider.

BHWS also operates clinics in Nassau, Spanish Wells and Lower Bogue.


Photo Caption: The Hon. Clay Sweeting, MP, Central and South Eleuthera, welcomes the Bahamas Wellness Medical Center’s ambulance. He is pictured with Dr. Jessica Moss, Emergency Medicine Specialist and Vice President & Medical Director at Eleuthera Medical Center, and Dr. Arlington Lightbourne, founder of the expanding clinic, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary serving the community by adding dental and dermatology to its growing list of specializations.

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Coral Harbour Base, 18 September. ‘23 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force was honoured to attend a Day of Celebration at the Mall at Marathon on the occasion of  Brazil’s 201st Day of Independence (7th September, 2023). The occasion also marked a celebration of friendship and unity.

In a remarkable display of cultural exchange and diplomatic ties, Young Officers led by Lieutenant Blair Bethel, joined in the celebration. Against the backdrop of cultural exchange, Brazilian Singer Ellen Oléria held a special musical performance bringing a taste of Brazil’s vibrant culture to The Bahamas. Her performance showcased the infectious rhythms of Portuguese music commemorating their rich history and vibrant culture.

The RBDF, under the leadership of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King, is dedicated to the meaningful involvement and development of service members as we share the responsibility for accomplishing the Defence Force’s Mandate. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force extends its congratulations to the people of Brazil during this momentous occasion as we look forward to fostering mutual understanding and building a brighter future between The Bahamas and Brazil.

For additional information, kindly reach out to the RBDF Public Relations Department or visit our official website at Connected with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates, and explore our engaging content on our YouTube channel.



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