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Omar Archer still at large, hiding out in Freeport

Bahamas, March 28, 2017 – Grand Bahama – Omar Archer is still at large, on the run and according to a video message early this morning he appears to be in Freeport, Grand Bahama where he says he is living in cars and the International Bazaar.  Police say they want to talk to Archer, who appears on social media with a gun in a threatening photograph which is anti-PLP and pro-FNM.

Archer in that mobile video recording says that the people of Grand Bahama are living like dogs and cites that there is no reason the Progressive Liberal Party should receive a single seat in the country’s second island.   Archer made the front page of the Punch too; the publication reports that Omar Archer, who is the man that PM Perry Christie flashed the FU finger at for his incessant allegations, has reportedly sought asylum in the United States.

The vociferous political activist says that PLP goons are trying to hurt him.  In the video on Tuesday morning he again exposes a number of alleged shady dealings by members of the Progressive Liberal Party.   Police say the gun Archer is holding in that photograph is illegal; Archer says the photo is forged.




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