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Seasonal Conch idea unnecessary

Nassau, Bahamas, February 23, 2017 – Fisherman, vendors and restaurants specializing in conch are calling for authorities to rethink any ideas on placing a season on conch; they say it would be too catastrophic financially and culturally to The Bahamas.

A conservation initiative is on to save the conch, as it is said that stocks are drastically low and the threat to conch extinction is high.  But in a special media report, Conch divers say that is not true; they argue that it is all about knowing where to go and then being able to afford to get there and back in a timely manner.

A restaurant owner on the famous Arawak Cay in Nassau agrees.  She said that in the 25 years of its existence, there have only been four times that Arawak Cay restaurants were unable to provide conch cuisine.   The proprietor points out that visits throughout the islands prove that conch is plentiful in the more remote parts of The Bahamas and the conchs are said to be bigger too… her call is for Government to make an investment in fisheries so that conch divers can afford to get better boats, which can go further and return in time to meet the demand for conch as a delicacy in Nassau.


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