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Providenciales, TCI, January 24, 2017 –  Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services wishes to update the general public on the following initiatives taken to prevent and control the spread of Zika and Dengue within the Turks and Caicos Islands.   To date the Environmental Health Department (EHD) conducted over 300 premises inspections and have served more than 100 notices to premises as necessary. Over 160 hours of fogging exercises completed with over 400 swamps treated conducted.  The Health Promotion and Advocacy Unit and EHD continues to educate residence on vector borne illnesses.

Conditions over the past 2 weeks was not ideal for fogging, the Environmental Health department focused its efforts on the vegetative areas to prevent breeding sites.   All active swamps were treated and residents in vulnerable areas were provided with insect repellents.  Once conditions improve the department will immediately initiate its fogging activities.

EHD has also conducted a general assessment of all the islands and has identified a number of areas for the cleanup efforts to be conducted by Public Works. In addition both garbage trucks on Grand Turk have been functional and working on a daily basis, the department has not received any complaints for the delay of services or the lack of garbage collection.

There has only been one confirmed case of Zika during pregnancy in 2016, the mother has since delivered without complications, mother and baby are doing well. There has been no other suspected or confirmed cases of Zika among pregnant women.

The Ministry continues to advise the public to wear protective clothing Eg. Loose, light coloured long sleeves shirts and blouses and long pants.  Keep home environments, work places, recreational places and places of worship free of standing water where mosquitoes breed:

  1. Check gutters and empty old flower vases, tires and other containers
  2. Keep all water storage drums/containers covered
  3. Avoid being bitten apply insect repellent to exposed skin
  4. Use mosquito nets when sleeping
  5. Use safe household insecticides indoors
  6. Have intact window and door screens in dwellings
  7. Use condoms consistently as Zika can be transmitted sexually

As the Ministry of Health Agriculture and Human Services continues doing its part to prevent and reduce the spread of Zika through its media campaigns which educates the general public ,on how to prevent, we encourages the general public to do its part.

For more information contact the Health Promotion and Advocacy Unit on 3382772.

(Public Notice from TCIG Press Office)

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