Vision 2020 and Beyond launched by PNP today

Providenciales, TCI, December 5, 2016 – Vision 2020 and Beyond was unveiled today by the Progressive National Party and the party leader, Premier Rufus Ewing pitched a plan that is so simplified, he says, that even a child could regurgitate its promises. 

Big Five to Thrive is how Ewing referenced the main focuses coming from the 47 page book. One, free daycare for families in need; two, low import duties to reduce cost of living; three, strengthening immigration and border protection; four, creating safe communities and five, greater autonomy as a UK overseas territory. 

Media received a copy, some party supporters gathered at the PNP Headquarters also got a hard copy and there are more physical copies to come, but the manifesto will be published online for widest review. 



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