PDM Sworn into Office

Providenciales, TCI,  December 21, 2016 –  The People’s Democratic Movement was officially sworn into Office on December 20th 2016. The party was successful in securing victory at the polls on December 15th winning 10 out of 15 electoral seats. Ministerial appointments are as follows:

Hon. Sharlene Cartwright- Robinson– Premier and Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment

Hon. Sean R. Astwood– Deputy Premier and Minister of Immigration and Border Control and Employment

Hon. Vaden D. Williams– Minister of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication

Hon. McMillin Goldray Ewing– Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning

Hon. Josephine Connolly-Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, Culture and Library Services

Hon. Edwin Astwood– Minister of Health, Agriculture and Human Services

Hon. Ralph Higgs- Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture

The party has agreed that there will be periodic rotation of Ministerial positions.

The PDM has selected Hon. Karen Malcolm to serve as Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Hon. Derek Taylor will work out of the Premier’s Office in Grand Turk.

Hon. Douglas Parnell will work of out of the Premier’s Office in Providenciales and will spearhead negotiations on constitutional change, UK relations, business development and inward investment.

Hon. Dwayne Taylor has been selected to become Speaker of the House of Assembly upon the opening of the House of Assembly.

Mr. Maxovonno Thomas has been selected to become the PDM Government’s appointed member to the House of Assembly.




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