Free, fair Elections with true ballot secrecy an aim for Election Observer Team

Providenciales, TCI, December 12, 2016 – Elections Observers sent in by request of the Governor’s Office and from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association say they find our election process and activities quite unique here in the TCI, and that only time will tell if changes in the legislation and procedures, as recommended by the 2012 Observer Team, will bear good fruit.

It was mainly cited that a swifter flow of voters at the polls and increased assurance of secrecy of the ballot would be big strides.

“What we want to see is the movement of ballot papers within the polling stations, and between there and perhaps any counting stations which may happen if there is a   recount on the island wide, but it’s all secure, totally anonymous, and there’s no posibility of anybody finding out how any individual voted.  So we’ve asked quite a few technical questions and I hear that’s going to be done to make certain, because anonymity is an absolute crucial part of any western democracy elections.”

The six person team has already begun meetings and sat with the Governing PNP, the Elections Office and will on election day, December 15 make rounds to all 24 polling stations country wide.



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