PDM deputy leader says PNP has no respect for National Hero Memory

Providenciales, TCI, June 8, 2016 – The Minister of Finance called it an education to set the record straight Monday when he made a single early contribution on the Flag & Coat of Arms Bill 2016 during House of Assembly debate.

It was under his administration that National Heroes Day was established, reminded Hon Washington Misick, and he was not going to be told he is not patriotic enough. “To have the gall to come in and say that we don’t respect his memory, or in somehow dishonoring the heritage and his contribution to make political mileage, I could not sit by and allow that to pass.  It was under my administration that the National Heroes ordinance was passed.”

The heated explanation followed strong words from deputy leader of the PDM, Hon Sean Astwood who chided the government side for not showing up to the National Heroes Day Memorial Service, which he said was a public holiday.   Only Premier Rufus Ewing attended. “Some might get mad that I highlighted their absence, and that’s fine and good, but they would undoubtedly say that they have national pride,  but I can assure you, the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands and you yourself Mr. Speaker, did not see their pride displayed at that last National Heroes Day memorial ceremony.  Therefore Mr. Speaker let me put our country on notice, next year on National Heroes Day, under a PDM lead government, every minister, every member of Cabinet, every head of government departments, all school and uniformed officers will be mandated to turn out to official functions and parades.”


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