Nine neighbourhoods with water woes in Grand Turk, Vandals strike again

Providenciales, TCI, November 11, 2016 – Vandals have caused at least nine communities in Grand Turk to be with limited to no water supply until the problem is fixed.   Again, a completely thoughtless person or group of people are believed behind the destruction of the water main, which is located in the Breezy Brae district.

The damage caused is characterized as major and this was not the first time.  While Public Works says it will fix the issue, there is less clarity on whether there is security in the area especially as this was not the first time for vandals to strike.

Vandalism of government property in islands like Grand Turk has been a problem in recent years; extremely expensive to the public purse – delaying the South Caicos Airport; forcing vehicle repairs and replacements and in arguably the worst case, the intentional torching of HJ Robinson High school is costing us $2 million to rebuild after a fire ravaged the Principal’s block in January.


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