PDM focused on People – Police relations to curb crime

Providenciales, TCI, October 26, 2016 – The PDM says they have requested a meeting with the Governor and the Commissioner of Police to talk about the surge in violent crime.  Party leader, Sharlene Robinson said the current trend is out of character and that her party is also in dialogue with the telecoms companies – Flow and Digicel to establish a free Police hotline.

Hon Robinson suggested a number of initiatives in that Monday media statement which will involve greater police presence in communities and greater community support of Police.

“We continue to recognize the importance for stronger and better Police/People relations and will seek to initiate crime prevention programs between the Police and the People.  Since last year we began our call for Neighborhood Watch Groups and we will again renew these efforts.  However, we will immediately embark on the establishment of a Citizens Advisory Board to advise Police which would foster a better relationship between Police and the People.”

The PDM Party urges the national symposium on crime still and there was a reminder that their party has unveiled a 12 point plan to combat crime which can be reviewed and used to assist.  It was added in that statement coming late on Monday that every resident must see themselves as stakeholders in the fight against crime because, Sharlene Robinson said, crime should not be politicized.


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