Girl Day celebrated by Ianthe Pratt Primary

Providenciales, TCI, October 12, 2016 – Today is the international day of the girl child and at least one school in the country marked the occasion and had their girls dress in pink and purple to celebrate.

“So we have that conversation going on, the importance of education here in the TCI and why we are so blessed, because all of our girls here are afforded the opportunity to have education.”

“and it sounds like you expose them to the fact that some people are not blessed like this,” asked Deandrea Hamilton.

“right, we also told them about girls in other parts of the world that are marginalized, girls who have to work in factories, girls who are abused sexually and girls who are unfortunately still experiencing marriage at such a young age.  So now that they know, we are preparing them to be global citizens.  They must be aware of what’s going on internationally, not just here in Turks and Caicos.”   

Kate Knowles is a teacher at the Bight located, Ianthe Pratt Primary school  and brought us some of the country’s brightest little ladies who proudly touted their girliness and spoke to why they believe the day is important.

“My name is Ronesha Johnson, and I’m in grade 4 NF.  Girls all around the world should have an education, whatever boys can do, girls can do it to.”

“My name is Aaronique Harvey, I am in grade six JA and I think this is important because all girls should have a proper education.  They can be who they want to be and nobody can stop them.”

“My name is Cassidy and I’m in grade six.  Well to me I think its important because girls can be who they want to be, they can be competitive with other girls and not rely on other people to do it for them.”

“My name is Raynell Cunningham and I’m in grade six DC, and I think education is important for girls so they can be whatever they want to be and gain the experiences.”

minister-missick-go-girls-2In Parliament today, there was support from the Education Minister and Deputy Premier, Hon Akierra Missick and Governor’s Appointed Member, Hon Lillian Missick who both donned pink. International Day of the Girl child 2016 had as its theme:  “Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl Data Movement.”   The United Nations reminded that there are 1.1 billion girls on the planet.


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