Clarence Selver decides to run as an Independent Candidate

Providenciales, TCI, July 21, 2016 – It is official, there will be a divorce between Clarence Selver and the People’s Democratic Movement and it ends another decades old allegiance and adds to the list of independent candidates running whenever Rufus Ewing, Premier of these islands announces voting day.  In a reply to our question on his future with the PDM; the soon to resign appointed House of the Assembly member for the party explained,  I have applied to the party twice in 2012 and most recently in 2016 to be a candidate for the PDM and I was rejected. I sought a single reason from the leadership about why I am not suitable to stand for my Party as a candidate and I have not been furnished with an answer.” 

It is one of the biggest controversies coming out of the political parties’ procedures to select their team of 15 to represent in the next General Elections and when we, on Monday, put questions to PDM Leader, Sharlene Robinson on what is to become of Selver’s spot in the House, it was said the party’s constitution is clear that he be replaced, but that he had not yet resigned. “A member of the party is bound to support the candidate of the People’s Democratic Movement.  Then the negative spin to that is that if you don’t and you violate any of the provisions of the constitution you can be set aside as a member, so what we do is suspends persons and it’s only the convention that can actually remove a person’s membership.  But we’re trusting and hoping that it doesn’t get to that.  If in fact  it gets to that and he in fact resigns or is removed for whatever reason, we would have to find another appointed member and that is certainly something that is unprecedented.”

Selver argues that he has electability and has won North Caicos west three consecutive times between 1995 to 2003, that he has brought important bills and motions and questions to Parliament and yet, in his words, the majority of decision makers for the party at the National General Council no longer see me as having any utility at this time or in the future.”  –

Hon Robinson defends that that is not true, adding that the process within the PDM was mutually agreed upon.  “It’s amazing the feedback from a process that everybody agreed.  Persons do but themselves up to serve and sometimes there isn’t a plan B, and I believe that we ought to give him some time to really think through what he wants, but after all this is a democratic society and he is at liberty to do what he would like to do, and I don’t think anybody has said anywhere that he’s not saying that he’s not a PDM.  We’ve addressed the matter in the house with him, he’s expressed certain things to us and we’re still at that stage where we’re discussing other issues.” 

Hon Clarence Selver told Magnetic Media that he has not yet resigned but that the departure is imminent and confirmed that on July 12th he informed the PDM that he will be running in the upcoming General Elections as an at large independent candidate.  At this stage there is likely to be as many as 22 offering in the all island category.  Another finalist in the PDM all island race, Sabrina Green also defected and announced her bid as a national candidate last week.  When the House of Assembly convenes for business on Monday, it is most probable that Clarence Selver will not be there.

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