UK votes to end 43 Years with EU, Cameron quits Cameron Quits

There will be a new Prime Minister for Britain after over 17 million people voted in a referendum which he called; they voted to leave the European Union. 
The shocking result will end 43 years of UK being in the trade bloc, and some early economic fall-out is that the British pound has plummeted to a 30-year low. 
David Cameron was not expected to resign, but outside of his home at #10 Downing Street in London, with his wife at his side, PM Cameron did  just that and said the UK now needs a leader who can follow through with the 52% of voters who supported Brexit. 
The Turks and Caicos will be impacted by this move, but not immediately.  As an overseas territory tens of millions of dollars have come from the European Union in recent years and have supported reconstruction following Hurricanes Hanna and Ike and funds which have supported public sector reform and modernization, education and heritage projects. 
The Governor, Peter Beckingham has told Magnetic Media that up to 2019, the Turks and Caicos funds promised and granted by the EU will continue coming. 
Prime Minister Cameron will leave his post by October.

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