TCI Cares to protect tourism industry, protect resident communities

There were major financial and reputation implications when some of the most prime, luxury resorts and tourism spots in the country were shut down due to Norovirus contamination… the Turks and Caicos has vowed that it never wants to see those days again and has become the first country, in the world to sign onto a program which swiftly tracks and communicates whatever illnesses guests to the country are experiencing.

That is the main thrust of the Tourism Health program, which is in the Turks and Caicos called TCI Cares.  Dr. Lisa Indar, who heads this area for CARPHA was at last night’s launch at the Grace Bay Club. 

“Whatever health issues which are occurring in their tourism industry so that they can react better, they can avoid any adverse public health events but most importantly improve their tourism product.  Out there it is going to mean TCI having a better and more competitive tourism product.” 
The information from this electronic, real time dispatch will not be widely shared unless necessary; Magnetic Media asked the Premier about that decision. 
“Well even that those information does not necessarily have to reach the general public because if I have one or two or three or four cases of persons with diarrhea then I know the problem is growing, you go and out the problem without the resort being stigmatized with a negative impact and you also prevent that from going into the community. Because it’s about pro protecting the resident community as well, protecting our residents community as well.
So it is not that anything is done in secret, but you don’t want to really have that stigma attached to a particular resort for something that you have managed controlled, contained and it is done away with.” 
TCI Cares is also running a video campaign, created by Spotlight Communication.

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