PNP Party with big interest in potential election candidates

The Progressive National Party National chairman is reporting robust interest in individuals running on the PNP ticket.
Royal Robinson told Magnetic Media today, that up to 3pm they had over two dozen applicants which were coming in most assertively, this week.
There is still time though he says, and hesitated to give an exact count because the deadline is at the ‘stroke of midnight’ (June 3, 2016) as he put it.
As explained before where there is more than one person interested in an electoral district, there will be a run off within that constituency branch.
This, said Robinson, has led to members generally ensuring they are in good standing so that they too are eligible to vote as a PNP delegate.  Robinson said the biggest attraction is the at large category.
The National Chairman also said by July the PNP wants to have their full slate of candidates selected.

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