PDM to announce ‘At Large Candidates’ this weekend

Things are heating up in the party of blue, the People’s Democratic Movement Chairman, Doug Parnell today confirmed to Magnetic Media that the process for selection of at large candidate is nearing the end, as the PDM will decide tonight who are the additional two people who will represent on the PDM ticket at the at large level. 
Parnell described the mood within his party as excited and anticipating the results which will come on Friday night at the Kalookie convention kick-off party.  
Six individuals made a national circuit, along with party officials, appealing to PDM supporters in all of the islands; it was described as a tedious and rigorous door to door survey of possibly as many as a thousand people. 
Among those wanting the coveted at large spots are Louis Astwood, Clarence Selver, Robert Been, Tamara Forbes, Karen Malcolm and Sabrina Greene.
As for the district selections, they will take place after the convention, which is set for June 24-25, 2016 and again the party is only seeking for candidates in areas where they do not already have the seat. 

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