Murder in Kew Town, trouble spot in Provo

Kew Town is becoming known now as a hot bed for crime and a hideaway for outlaws as the country over the weekend recorded its third murder in that community.   
Police launched a homicide investigation after discovering a man’s body, left in a dusty clearing minutes to 6am Saturday.  The number of violent attacks in this community, largely among the expat residents continues to grow. 
There have been other murders, stabbings and reports are that recent Haitian escapees from the Detention Center were hiding out in Kew Town. 
The Police Force, in 2015, had assured media that despite reports that the area of Provo is said to be a ‘no go zone’ … there is no such thing for them, as they will go anywhere an investigation takes them. 
Still, Kew Town is gaining an infamous reputation as a hotbed for trouble and trouble makers.  
It was reported that a party, held by some in the Haitian community drew a big turn out Friday, intoSaturday
The young man, was found lying in a pool of blood near the site of that party.  Police have not yet given the identity, officially.

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