Millennium Heights Owners united for Justice

Raw comments were coming from home owners in Millennium Heights on Saturday when some gathered to tell the media how they feel ripped off by Priton Development and forsaken by the PNP Government, who had endorsed the developers as reputable. 
Charges of shoddy construction leading to a wide range of issues including leaky roofs, cracked walls, exploding floor tiles, broken appliances, cheap fixtures, contaminating mold and even dangerous sink holes were leveled at the company, called unscrupulous, greedy and unconcerned. 
Residents say they are extending an olive branch for a serious sit down to right the wrongs and if that does not happen, they will collectively file a law suit against Priton, Planning department and TCIG. 
Azzizi Parker, Millennium Heights Home Owner: “Less than six months after I came into my house this hole here fell in, just from some rain.  When they came in with this excavator they put that machine down as low as they could have gotten it.  So I now live on a property with five sink holes around me, three is in my yard and two is right off my boundary.”
Antoinette Stephenson, Millennium Heights Home Owner:  “It was like an earthquake, you could just hear the tiles go pop, pop, pop, pop.  When we looked we could just see the tiles going… it was very frightening.”
Azzizi Parker, Millennium Heights Home Owner:  “Other than that, you’ve got the tiles in the house popping up.  Priton Development changed cupboards in my house the first year I was here they had to come in and change a full fleet of cupboards in my house; the fridge don’t work, the fridge has been going down almost two years now.  It is finally on its way out.”
Priton, even after complaints in the first phase of the affordable homes programme of the Mike Misick PNP Government was allowed to build phase two, and is now being permitted to profit again in a higher end development in Long Bay.

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