MP with strong words for Government Leaders

When the residents of Millennium Heights got together over the weekend for a media conference to expose the challenges and damages they have been facing since buying their homes from Priton Development; the Member of Parliament was there.
“No one should be waking up not sure whether or not their kitchen is going to be there, not sure if you park your car in your yard, whether or not it’s going to drop in a sink hole.  We need the government and planning to do their job, what they are supposed to do.  You wouldn’t have been in this problem.”
Wheeland Member, Hon Delroy Williams said it is painful to hear the litany of problems and then to be ignored by government and other powers that be in an aim for resolve.
“There is a development agreement with Priton and the government, that needs to be checked.  And there is a development agreement between Priton and you the home owners.  We need to check both of those developments, because there is no way, government can sick back, and allow a development to go on  without planning being involved.  There is no way you suppose to be laying in your room and you hearing fire crackers outside and you’re thinking it’s fire works and it’s tiles popping up off the ground.”
An inspection of the sink holes was also done by Governor Peter Beckingham, which was arranged by the MP for the district, the Governor has been called upon by residents to help them before he departs in October.
“Do something with this before your tender is up in October, at least let us know that you have done something for the people of these islands, instead of just having yourself a grand vacation.”

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