Minister defends:  I care about all residents of TCI 

Ensuring tourists are kept safe during their time in the TCI is in her portfolio, and in a proactive move to warn guests about the risk involved in taking illegal jitneys, Minister Porsha Smith issued the notice geared strictly to guests with that goal in mind… this is what her Permanent Secretary, Desiree Lewis, explained moments ago to Magnetic Media.  Lewis adds that the statement yesterday warning against jitney use for tourists, was by no means intended to show a lack of concern for residents forced to use the illicit service. I quote Lewis now, “She has concern for locals and we know that the Ministry with responsibility is dealing with this issue in all of the islands.  We cannot speak on their behalf, but we know that the problem is being addressed.  The Minister wants it to be known that she does care about the residents of the TCI.”  The release, Magnetic Media noted in our news report, did little to show that concern; PS Lewis explained it was about “making an announcement, proactively as an extra measure of safety for the guests.”  While Ms. Lewis was unable to say specifically what is being done to help the public transportation problem, when pressed about what Minister Smith is prepared to do to ensure those having to use jitneys, including her constituents are put in a better position, we were told the Minister would offer further comments in a one on one with Magnetic Media about this age old dilemma.   

In a matter of minutes, the PDM Leader, Sharlene Robinson will speak face to face with media in the Bight.

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