Five Cays Shooters, one gone to Prison

Providencieales, TCI – June 10, 2016 – Another update from Police revealed that the young man who was arrested in January for shooting at a man in Five Cays lost the case and his freedom in a five day trial and is now in Her Majesty’s Prison.

Thomas Watkins Jr got five years for the crime where a man reports that Watkins and two other men approached him and began firing at him back on January 1st around 6:13am
It happened in Dennis Yard in Five Cays and the police report on the case reveals that not only did Watkins have a fire arm which he boldly began using on the man who had to run for his life, but two others also drew guns and started shooting. 
The victim was shot in the head, but survived. 
Watkins Jr was charged by police with possession of firearm with the intent to cause fear; again he got five years in the conviction.

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