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29 Year Old dies at sea; father in The Bahamas awaits details

While Pinedale, Eight Mile Rock in Grand Bahama is still basking in the NBA success of its homeboy, Buddy Heild securing a spot on the New Orleans Pelicans team it now suffers a blow with the loss of a son of the soil, Arthur Morris Jr whose body was on Sunday morning found floating in waters about a mile off Heaving Down Rock in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. 
Magnetic Media spoke to AJs father who is simply confused about what happened to his 29 year old son, who six months ago became a first time father. 
There had been a  search launched for young Morris since Saturday when the speed boat he was in was reported submerged in the Leeward Cut to the Police Marine Branch; AJ was found Sunday morning and the scene at the Provo Morgue was heart wrenching. 
Relatives were overwhelmed with grief, crying out loud, falling to the ground and his maternal grandfather had to be held up as he was allowed by Police, behind the morgue gates to see his grandson in the worst possible way. 
AJ Morris 3
Arthur Senior, who was in Pinedale (The Bahamas) with family when we spoke to him via phone said it was the worst night of his life, waiting for word, hoping that his boy would be found alive.   
AJ is described as a fun loving young man, the life of the party and had been resident in Provo for about ten years now.  He was working with family in construction and comes from the Morris, Missick and Walkin families and hails from both Pinedale and Holmes Rock, Grand Bahama. 
Police have not yet officially ruled the death; it is unclear at this point what happened to cause the boat to capsize, it was said that AJ could not swim.

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