Mosquito IQ high at Oseta Jolly, Mosquito AWarness Week in TCI

The children of Oseta Jolly Primary school prove to be sharp when it comes to their mosquito IQ; still the children from grade four at the Blue Hills located school were given new information by the Environmental Health Team. 
Environmental Health visited that institution Wednesday in keeping with a national focus on Mosquito Awareness Week, being held in jointly with the rest of the Caribbean. 
The children were called ‘partners’ in this mosquito reduction effort, as Director of EHD, Kenrick Neely shared that his team often finds the children are more eager to support clean up and are keen on reducing mosquito breeding sites. 
You can see our time at Oseta Jolly during Turquoise Morning… including the children’s reaction to seeing mosquito larvae and their reaction to mosquito fish eating the larvae.

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