Guyanese help with Handicap Parking to mark Golden Jubilee

Handicap parking is now marked out at the Providenciales International Airport and the move was inspired by a regular visitor to the islands, who spoke up about finding handicap parking hard to access and explained that using the ridge top parking lot was difficult; she had written to the Provo Airport and with the help of the Guyanese Association of the Turks and Caicos Islands, a space is now clearly marked out and much nearer to the terminal. 
Lavern Reynolds, Terminal and Marketing Manager said, “With Lori’s influence and in keeping with international standards, the Airports Authority had to find a position large enough to accommodate wheelchair access and to be close enough to the terminal facility. The location identified as most suitable was near the traffic roundabout and pedestrian crossing.” 
And there is no missing it; this past Saturday the Guyanese Association – in commemoration of their home country’s 50thanniversary of independence – donated time and painted the area.  The group also held a clean-up and donated blood in an effort to give back to the land where the live and work.  
Guyanese Association Member, “We saw fit to establish markings for disabled travels in the TCI though they are few. This is our way of giving back to the community which has given so much to all of us. We offer our sincerest appreciation to all of the TCI….” 
Today is the actual Independence Day for Guyana; still to come is a cultural day on Saturday in Kew Town.  AS for the job at the PIA, the paint was provided by the Airports Authority and the handicap stencil was donated by Herzog Caribbean LTD. 
Reynolds also warned that vehicles parking in this spot will be towed and or ticketed and pay as much as $425 in fees & fine.

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