Crown Land Motion by PDM demands better process

The Turks and Caicos needs to change the way Crown Land is given, especially to natives and in a private members motion during a recent House of Assembly meeting, Sharlene Robinson reminded the PNP Government side of a promise to unite to see the current laws changed.

“…this legislation when passed was offensive to many and while we understand the background of alleged abuse, misuse and mismanagement of land, we continue to find bits of the legislation offensive and an affront to the people and the would be investor,” said Hon Robinson.

Robinson is talking about the crude selection process which is basically a lottery, where names are placed in a jar and the one selected wins the opportunity to buy the property up for grabs; she gave an example.

“A whopping 500 plus applicants were said to have applied and following a screening process, the numbers were reduced to about 321 for 36 lots. The names were placed in a container and persons were invited to draw names.”

Back-up names were also drawn according to Robinson in this account and each applicant had to pay a fee of $100 for a chance. The PDM side voted to see the motion made into an official commitment, after their leader explained to the House , “this Mr Speaker is a raffle and gamble and our people deserve better! We believe the ability to own land, a home or a business is an empowerment tool and to continue on this path is nothing short of insulting and inhibiting.”

The motion was seconded by Wheeland Member, Hon Delroy Williams.

Three PNP Ministers were said to have abstained in the vote.

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