Healing Services begin tonight in Provo

Providenciales, 14 Jan 2015 – Kevin & Kathy Basconi of North Carolina arrived on Tuesday full of anticipation; Pastor Kevin said the winds of change have come for the Caribbean, saying that his service will see a loving move of God in the way of healing for the hurt and hurting.

“A little over 15 years ago, I was a drug addict living in the street with no hope, and God transformed my life. And I believe that God can take people into a much better place. He can take you from hopeless to hope, take you from poverty to prosperity and He can take you from sickness to health. God loves Turks and Caicos, He loves the people here and it is such a joy to be here and I believe God is having Turks and Caicos on His heart as I have Turks and Caicos on my heart, that we are gonna see changes beginning to come to this region of the British West Indies, in the Caribbean as the wind of change are beginning to blow.”

The HEALING services begin tonight at 7pm at Community Fellowship Center.

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