PDM Leader challenges Commission to Educate on Corruption

Sharlene RobinsonProvidenciales, 10 Dec 2015 – ‘Integrity – Live it’ was the theme of the Anti-Corruption Day commemoration held by the TCI Integrity Commission and addressing attendees was attorney and PDM Leader, Hon Sharlene Robinson. Robinson, who as a member of the House of Assembly heads one of the arms of the House which forensically examines the movement of public monies as the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee issued a challenge to the Commission.

Hon. Sharlene Robinson, PDM Leader: “…do more in the area of adult education especially in the climate that we are in. More must be said of the effects of corruption and how it impacts national development and how benefits can disappear or be reduced as a result. There is a great need for that connection to be made. I encourage you to partner with all Churches, attack the language barrier, use all the media tools available to educate and be courageous in showing the results of corruption. The task is great but achievable – you have many valuable partners awaiting your call. This will go a long way in the TCI’s public taking ownership of this Institution that others envy.”

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