High ‘B’ Grade for 2015 High School CXC test takers

Providenciales, 21 Aug 2015 – The Turks and Caicos this year recorded a higher CSEC national average and the Ministry of Education is delighting in the slight but increased cumulative performance of high-school students nationwide. There were 1,902 candidates; 685 males and 1,217 females who earned the high ‘B’ grade with 78.65% which topped 2014’s 76.39%.

Education Minister, Deputy Premier, Akierra Misick said: “It is very important to my government that we continue to see year on year growth during our term, in order to set a standard that will continue upwards for years to come.” There was a 16.4% performance on Grade I passes; a 30.81% pass rate on Grade II and 30.97% in Grade III results.

Candidates really shone in areas of business where there was a 98.59% pass rate; in Home Economic Management where there was a 98.31% pass rate; Physical Education, where the pass rate was 96.88% and Music and Clothing and Textiles where 100% of those taking the CSECs in those subjects, passed the test.

Lowest performance was in Electrical and Electronics with only 36% passing; also concerning was 210 students who missed out on their examinations altogether; 79 boys and 131 girls.

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