Water Fun Weekend with Windvibes, Billfish Release Tourney and Race for the Conch

Rowdy GainesProvidenciales, 03 Jul 2015 – This weekend Windvibes, the IGFA Billfish Release Tournament and the Race for the Conch are on for terrific fun at sea.

Tonight the opening party for Windvibes kicks off at Salt at Blue Haven Resort where organizers say they will also celebrate the first day of fishing for anglers from the tourney.

There is a float parade planned from the Bight Park later today which will travel to Blue Haven and that kick off.

The Wind Vibes kite boarding events are actually set for Sunday July 5 at Long Bay Beach beginning at 10am with the closing ceremony that night at Salt. The Race for the Conch continues to be a most captivating eco sea swim and will be held at its traditional spot, Ricky’s Flamingo Café on Saturday.

Race options include 2.4 Mile (Ironman swim), 1 Mile, and 1/2 mile distances and for those wanting an extra challenge.

Organizers say they are excited to welcome Olympic gold medalist and US Masters Swim champion, Rowdy Gaines for the race this year.

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