Teenagers in Police custody and court trial, startling

Providenciales, 06 Jul 2015 – Police have in custody a 15 year old, we understand in connection to that man found early Friday morning nearly beaten to death on Aviation Drive, which is near Club 2005.

The man suffered injuries about the head, chest and legs. Despite this questioning of an alleged suspect, Police today confirmed that they are still in need of information in the investigation and are asking the public to help.

Also from Police; Allegedly being found in possession of about a tablespoon of marijuana on Thursday has landed a Bay Road man into Police custody after a search warrant turned up the controlled substance. Marlo Glinton, 33, was charged in Magistrate’s Court and fined $500; Glinton has two weeks to pay the fine or face being jailed for the Cannabis.

Police also report that four teenage girls were on Friday charged with assaulting another female student in an incident from April 23. The youngsters are really young: Two 15 year olds, a 16 year old and a 17 year old are not done with this serious charge as yet, and will on Thursday re-appear in court.

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