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Suzie Turn checkpoint Arrests full of twists and turns



Wilkie Arthur
Freelance Court Correspondent 


#TurksandCaicos, April 20, 2024 – ERROL DALLAVANTY WILLIAMS aka Rooster, a Jamaican living in Five Cays; DAVIAN CLARINCE ROYE, a Jamaican living on Back Road, Blue Hills and a local female AYANNA ASTWOOD of Five Cays, were all the occupants of a small car that was driven by Astwood attempting to drive through the police security check point at SUZIE TURN ROUNDABOUT, on the night of Friday April 5, 2024 when they raised suspicions.

Royal TCI Police say in looking at all three in the vehicle and after closer observation of accused DAVIAN CLARINCE ROYE, “his eyes were blood red” and this is when they decided to conduct a stop and search of the vehicle and the occupants.

Around a quarter pound of weed was found in the vehicle and all three occupants were jointly charged with possession of controlled drugs, namely the cannabis found in the vehicle.

They were all arrested and taken into custody.

Reportedly, an additional very small quantity of suspected cannabis was found on the lone female AYANNA ASTWOOD when her person was searched by a female police officer, later, at the Chalk Sound Police Station. She was charged with that small quantity of marijuana and accepted responsibility by pleading guilty to that charge and not guilty to the weed found in the vehicle.

ERROL DALLAVANTY WILLIAMS pleaded not guilty to the suspected marijuana found in the vehicle, and he pleaded not guilty to the immigration offense of remaining in the islands beyond the permitted time.

DAVIAN CLARINCE ROYE on Thursday April 11, 2024 pleaded guilty to the drug found in the vehicle, taking all the responsibility for all the drugs in the vehicle, and he pleaded guilty to being in the islands illegally and unlawfully.

On Wednesday April 10th, ROYE was first brought before the court under the proceeds of crime Ordinance.

He was found with $950.00 dollars cash on him. Asked, how he got the money by financial crime unit Inspector Paulin Nemours, he said he was fishing as he lived here illegal for some three years.

The then acting DPP Mrs. Angela Brooks told the Chief Magistrate that her office was unable to prove the money was from the sale of drugs, though admission that funds were derived from fishing still makes it illegally obtained because ROYE has no status in the Islands and no fishing licence.

The court after hearing from ROYE’s attorney Mr. Ashwood Forbes did order the Crown’s forfeiture application and the $950.00 was confiscated for the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The prosecution, Ms. Richardson applied to the Hon. Chief Magistrate Mr Jolyon Hatmin to have both Jamaicans remanded to custody pending the conclusion of the case, but female defense attorney Mrs. Leanna Brooks Campbell got up after hearing the Crown’s application for remand submissions and told the court there’s no need to remand Rooster because he’s now married to Mrs. AYANNA ASTWOOD, so he’s not here illegally, and he can not be deported.

She admitted they’re still waiting on certain documentation, but they are a married couple and bail should not be refused.

She also reminded the court that ‘Rooster’ was on bail in another immigration case of unlawful entry months ago, and he has continued to make his court dates.

The learned Chief Magistrate was reminded that, that case only came to end on March 5th, this year.

WILLIAMS was granted $7500.00 baill and the other defendant, DAVIAN CLARINCE ROYE was remanded pending sentencing for the drugs in the vehicle and the unlawful entry charge.

AYANNA ASTWOOD was granted bail in the sum of $2000.00 and all three have to return to court next Friday April 19th, 2024.

The Crown will advise if they intend to withdraw the charges in connection to the illicit drugs found in the vehicle against Rooster Williams and his wife or proceed to a trial against the couple despite ROYE’S guilty plea in an attempt to accept full responsibility for the serious offense.


Man charged with illegal importation; 14 vials of liquid marijuana shipped in from Canada



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Correspondent


#TurksandCaicos, May 11, 2024 – A former FedEx employee and now fireman, TRISTON NEWBOLD is on trial for allegedly illegally attempting to import 14 vials of “liquid marijuana vapes” into the Turks and Caicos from Canada.

It is alleged that on Wednesday January 8, 2024 at Cairsea Services transit shed on Providenciales, he did improperly import a quantity of suspected THC vapes cartridges, packages in a manner appearing as intended to deceive Customs officials.

The trial is underway part-heard before his honor, the Chief Magistrate Mr. Jolyon Hatmin.

It commenced in the Magistrate’s court on Tuesday April16th.

Senior Customs officer of 18 years, Alton Scott was the first witness called by the public prosecutor, Ms. Alima Alexis, for the Crown. Scott testified that he was called to Cairsea Services concerning a package that arrived from Toronto, Canada bearing the accused’s name.

The Senior Customs officer said when he arrived, around 11:35 a.m. and sent for the accused man he returned.  Newbold was reportedly asked if that was his name on the package, at which time he acknowledged that it was.  He was then asked, if the package was his, again he said yes it was his.

Senior defense counsel, Mrs. Lara Maroof-Misick challenged that testimony, however officer Scott did not alter his account of the events of that day; adamant that the accused man ‘told me the package was his.’

Other items besides the suspected cannabis vapes oils were in the package, including two small stuffed animals, two small toy balls and other unsuspicious items.

The senior customs official told the court that they tried to rectify this within their powers under the Customs Ordinances by charging TRISTON NEWBOLD a fine of $1,500.00, and that would be the end of the matter, and they had also given him some time to pay the fine, however, the accused refused to pay within the time frame offered and was subsequently arrested and charged to appear before the court.

Mrs. Lara Maroof Misick questioned the senior officer about interviewing or recording statements from her client whilst the investigation interviews were ongoing, after which the trial was adjourned.

The trial continues on May 30th 2024.

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Brandon Swann death case opens in the Coroner’s Court



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Correspondent


#TurksandCaicos, May 11, 2024 – A string of significant cases are making appearances regularly at the Turks and Caicos CORONER’S Court based in Providenciales.  In all of the matters, each has to go through a number of legal steps and procedures before a final decision can be made by a jury or the coroner herself.

Making the list for two-fold proceedings on Thursday, May 2, 2024, was the case concerning the death of BRANDON JUWAN CRISTOVAL SWANN and person of interest linked to the death, RONALD SAUNDERS.

A case which grabbed national headlines; Swann is the younger brother of the Deputy Governor.   According to CORONER’S Court records, he died at age 28 on the night of October 22, 2021.

The police/ traffic officer who investigated the case at the time told the Coroner when she asked if the traffic and police investigation into the death of Brandon Swann is officially completed and closed, he said “yes, from their prospective.”

The Coroner said, “ok, well, this is where I step in, and an investigation or an inquest is held.”

Having heard limited or partial sworn evidence in open court from the investigator and reviewing certain documentary evidence and statements, the Hon Coroner officially opened a full investigative inquest to determine exactly how Brandon Swann met his death.

The investigator told the court that Swann came or ran down the stairs of the bar on Leeward Highway immediately next to Grant’s Gas station and held on to the vehicle of RONALD SAUNDERS.  It is suspected that Swann lost his balance, fell and was run over by the vehicle driven by Saunders.

The autopsy report said, he died due to multiple blunt trauma injuries.

A jury will be summoned and called to hear the circumstances surrounding the death, review statements, and documentary evidence, including the autopsy report from the Pathologist who performed the autopsy on young Swann.

The Swann family was not present in court, but they’ve hired senior criminal defense counsel Mrs Lara Maroof Misick and the sole person of interest in this inquest proceedings is Mr. Ronald Saunders, who was also not present.

Saunders is however, represented by Mr. Oliver Smith KC and assisted by Mrs Kimone Tennant.

At the conclusion of the inquest, the jury could be left with certain options to consider, and if Ronald Saunders is found culpable in the death of Brandon Swann, he could possibly be arrested and charged with manslaughter.  Saunders could also be cleared, altogether.

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Coroner’s Court Proceedings before Her Honor the Coroner Ms. Mickia Mills 



For the week of Monday, April 22nd – Friday, April 26th, 2024


Matters for Monday April 22, 2024

(1) Her Honor will have further hearing in police involved shooting case of LAVERN SMITH

(2) BABY GIRL FRITZ. Type of Matter: Child Death Hearing is listed for an Inquest

(3) AUDLEY DORIC QUANT is listed for an Inquest.


Type of Matter: Drowning Incident Hearing is listed for Decision.


Matters for Tuesday April 23, 2024

(5) A 2022 motor vehicle incident of ROMARIO RICKARDO REID is down for an Inquest (Opening).

(6) 2019 Drowning incident of TERRY GOODMAN is down for Further Hearing


Matters for Wednesday April 24, 2024

(7) Listed as a 2024 case concerning SHENGLI FU

Workplace Incident is listed for an Inquest (Opening)

(8) 2022 – ROMARIO RICKARDO REID matter continues for further hearing in the motor vehicle incident.

(9) Case from 2016 – ARSENE PIERRE. Type of Matter: Thermal Injuries

Hearing Type: Inquest (Opening)

(10) Case from 2018 – NICHOLAS TWYMAN. Type of Matter: Blunt Force Injury

Hearing Type: Inquest (Opening).

(11) Nine(9) John Doe’s for Exposure Related Deaths continues.

(12) Four(4) unidentified decedents for Exposure Related Deaths continue.


Matters for Thursday April 25, 2024

(13) Continuance of SHENGLI FU

Type of Matter: Workplace Incident

Hearing Type: Inquest (Opening)


Type of Matter: Drowning Incident

Hearing Type: Listed for Mention

(15) A JANE DOE No.1. Type of Matter: Drowning Incident

Hearing Type is fixed for Decision.

(16) A 2019 Drowning incident case of MICHAEL VONLUERTE.

Hearing Type is fixed for Mention

(17) A 2021 Grand Turk case of OPHELIA TALBOT SMITH

Type of Matter: Motor Vehicle Collision, this matter is listed for Mention.

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