Top performers for 2015 GSAT revealed by Ministry of Education

Providenciales, 17 Jun 2015 – Two boys from the same school are tied for top performances as the Ministry of Education releases official GSAT results.  

Precious Treasures is nationally renown for churning out top ranking test scores and this time two of their sixth grade boys are tied for first; two other students from the school made the top ten.  

Shawn Gardiner and Vincent Zamora, of Precious Treasures have done very well and they are not the only ones; nationally sixth graders performed slightly better than last year with 72.13% of the over 300 students taking the test passing it.  In 2014, the Ministry reports the pass percentage was 68.3%.

Education Minister and Deputy Premier, Akierra Missick said:  “We at the Ministry would like to congratulate all the candidates and their parents who worked with them over the past eight years to bring them to this milestone. It remains a priority to ensure those children who were not successful not be daunted or too discouraged.”

This is a grueling season for the students who assemble in one spot per island and sit the two days of exams together.  The Grade Six Achievement Tests also serve as the common entrance exam for students to enter junior high school; Form 1.

“Congratulations also go to the Principals and Teachers in all of our primary schools as well as the support from our partners.  Together we have been able to impact the lives of our children in a positive way and we look forward to strengthening these relationships.”

Here is the list of the TOP TEN finishers in the 2015 GSAT.
Vincent Zamora, Precious Treasures Primary – 1st Place
Shawn Gardiner, Precious Treasures Primary – 1st Place
Alex Swaby, Oseta Jolly Primary – 3rd Place
Oksana Daley, Richmond Hill Prep – 4th Place
Ovancia Gardiner, Shining Stars Primary – 5th Place
Amanda Ingham, Eliza Simons Primary – 6th Place
Jason Bennett, Wesley Methodist Primary – 7th Place
Xaria Johnson, CH James Primary – 8th Place
D’Anne Tennant, Precious Treasures Primary – 9th Place
Alexis Anara, Precious Treasures Primary – 9th Place

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