Prayers for the pressure, TCI sixth graders in final day of big test

Providenciales, 28 May 2015 – Around 300 sixth graders are hoping they meet all expectations when it comes to the critical GSAT examinations. The tests sometimes have an infamous reputation for the amount of intensity linked to the days of exams which ultimately qualify students for entrance into seventh grade or earns them scholarships through various donors if they turn out top performing results. Bearing that in mind, several schools at the start of the week held prayer meetings for their children and even the Education Minister says she is praying for the candidates sitting the tests.

Deputy Premier, Hon Akierra Missick said too that: “This is a big day for our Primary School students as months and even years of hard work, late nights, extra classes and much hard work from parents is now here. I am so proud of the efforts of all the children, parents, teachers and principals. This is a very important time for our students and I encourage them to be calm and remain composed.” The tests are Mathematics, English and Science and the Education Minister explained that teachers and parents moved to have the GSATs shortened to alleviate some of that pressure. Today is the final day of the Grade Six Achievement Tests.

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