One thousand dollars in grocery in one minute at Smart

Shopping Spree chk outProvidenciales, 03 Jun 2015 – A one minute shopping spree at Smart grocery store got a family over a thousand dollars in groceries this past Saturday.

Exchange with media:
Josh: “Straight for the meat aisle.”
Allison Williams/His mother: “for the chocolates…” (laughter)
Media: “Meat or chocolate?”
Josh: “Meat!”
Media: “Meat or chocolate?” (laughter)
Josh: “Meat! (laughter) I’ll stop for the chocolates on the way back, first the meat.”

Josh Williams did the job for the family; and while he did get the chocolates his mother, Allison wanted… the focus for the young man was on the meat section, but not before stopping for cans and cans of bug repellent and buckets and buckets of nuts on the way to the steaks, ribs, pork chops and roasts he flung into the two shopping carts he managed to fill in the 60-seconds. In the end, Josh racked up a bill of $1,079.11 at Smart, covered in full by the store.

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