PDM labels PNP Administration Speech from the Throne as ‘Flowery’

Providenciales, 06 Mar 2015 – Nothing more than a flowery speech is how the Opposition Leader, Hon Sharlene Robinson described the Speech from the Throne delivered in the House of Assembly yesterday,

“We noted, Mr. Speaker, last year that 69 of the 74 of the commitments made were not fulfilled while only five last year had updates, five were even removed from the Budget. Last year’s Throne Speech Mr. Speaker contained 46 promises and of course, quick glance of this year’s Throne Speech, we see four were completed, eight were mentioned again, some issues Mr. Speaker have seen no progress and have just dropped off the radar altogether.”

Robinson said the government continues to fall short on actually doing what it says it will do and that her PDM side is concerned on the constant boasts of the surplus when the country’s infrastructure is falling apart.

“Why do we boast about the surplus and everything in this country seems to be broken down. The roads are pretty much pot holes especially on the island of Grand Turk, and we are grateful for the little paving we see being done, but we have to remember the number of tourists we have passing through here…”

The Throne Speech did address greater focus on consumer protection laws, yet the Opposition said there continues to be no real progress report on people-centered accomplishments including doing more to see electricity costs reduced.

“Mr. Speaker, no mention again of the energy policy and transportation. Mr. Speaker our people are still buckling under high energy costs and that maintains its position as one of the greatest deterrents to doing business in the islands.”

Hon Sharlene Robinson reminded that 2014 was dubbed the Year of the Young Person; she said this year’s Throne Speech failed to focus on important areas for the Youth.

“The promise was: ‘My Government would begin the upgrading of existing sporting facilities around the islands, including the installation of proper lighting to encourage the safe use of these facilities,’ but Mr. Speaker no mention of sports.”

Terms like ‘lip service’ and ‘talks’ were used to respond to the Speech from the Throne which was delivered by the Governor and written by the governing Progressive National Party.

“But it is our responsibility on this side of the House, Mr. Speaker to hold the government to account not just for the promises contained in its manifesto but in its Throne Speech and what it says to the people of this country and in whatever other forum.”

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