Best Institute wins FortisTCI Primary Science Quiz; Science Fair today

Providenciales, 04 Mar 2015 – The winner for this year’s Primary School Science Quiz is Best Institute; second is Adelaide Omeler Primary and third, the Turks and Caicos International School. Fortis TCI stepped up in a major way to this year take on the Ministry of Education’s Primary School Science Quiz giving the winning schools trophies and prizes. The Gus Lightbourne Gym was packed with youngsters from as many as 15 primary schools nationwide who were competing for best science minds after plowing through some 400 plus questions.

Eugene Grant, Technical Officer at the Department of Education said this third year visual monitors were used so the fourth and fifth graders could see their multiple choice options as the tackled the general and health science questions from their own curriculum.

“We picked the topics that all of the schools had covered, so once we had that we compiled a list of questions which we used in the competition. Unique about this competition, unlike with the high schools, these students in the schools did not know what the questions would be, so they had no previous access to the questions; the first time they are hearing the questions or seeing the questions is here today.”

The challenge began with 15 schools; narrowing to five schools and then to face off between the top two and a scramble among the others for third place.

Talia-Dara Thomas, Education Officer added that the science projects will be out. “We’ll open up the exhibits for public viewing after the judging. We have our opening ceremony which starts at 11am, and once the opening ceremony is completed, the public is free to come on in and view the exhibits; I am encouraging everyone. Last year the exhibits were spectacular and this year is a must see, especially since we have the primary element,”

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