Long Bay High to take 20% of New School Year students

IMG_3467Providenciales, 24 Feb 2015 – There will be a 20% reduction in the student population of Clement Howell High with the completion of phase one of the Long Bay High, as it is being called already by the Minister of Education and Deputy Premier, Akierra Missick. It was a thrilling moment for the Minister and her team yesterday as a long touted dream for her constituency and her ministry saw its beginnings. “A bridge from a dream illustrated years ago in a newspaper advert that had been placed by my predecessor of this constituency, Galmo ‘Gilley’ Williams. The advert envisioned a new school, in a new area, with a new vision to uphold an old ideal; the ideal of more and better education for all. The ideal of keeping hope alive and keeping the dreams of the next generation, always within their reach.”

Ground was broken and soil is now turned as a vacant space off Long Bay Hills road is to be transformed, in a phased approach, to eventually become a full secondary school. Eight classrooms, an administrative block, toilet facilities and 150-180 first formers will be first; we spoke to the Director of Education, Edgar Howell.

“Well, where we standing, if you look towards the east we will be looking directly at the Administrative Building and then when you go through the entrance, to the classrooms. We’re talking in this initial phase about a facility that will house the first form students only, the intention is for this to develop into a full high school.”

The Premier, was also on hand for the ceremony held on the site and said he would like to see the work move at a pace to surpass the current timeline.

“When this project was initially conceptualized, we were looking to do it in about three phases, but I am sure with the action of the Government and the Honorable Deputy Premier here, we’re gonna try to do this in two phases… so we hope that by the end of 2016 this project will be completed.”

Also turning soil, was shadow cabinet minister for Education and Deputy House Speaker, the Hon Josephine Connolly and sixth grade students of Enid Capron and Oseta Jolly Primary schools.

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