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Providenciales, 12 Jan 2015 – In Jamaica and across much of the wider Caribbean, our Best Dressed Chicken brand is a symbol of the highest quality – one that has been able to achieve production and efficiency standards which, when measured by the international agency AGRISTATS, equal those of the best producers anywhere in the world. It is a tradition of which our parent company, Jamaica Broilers Group, is very proud.
The Best Dressed Chicken, producers of our Group’s signature product, is the largest and most sophisticated poultry operation in the Caribbean; we process over 1.5 million pounds of the highest quality broiler meat each week. The efficiencies achieved, as well as the exceptional quality of our product, result from a fully integrated system of production which uses the very latest technology, teamed with a programme of the strictest quality control in every aspect of our operations.
Our Breeder Operation
An advanced breeder operation in the hills of St. Ann includes specialized farms for the laying and hatching of eggs. Millions of fertile eggs are produced annually from the best breeds available worldwide. The ultra-modern hatchery complex is equipped with the latest incubators from which we produce chicks that are made available to 200 of Jamaica ‘s best farmers, under a contract farm programme. These farmers are supervised by highly skilled agricultural technicians and supported by a nationwide service of veterinary, laboratory and nutrition facilities.

Our Processing Plant
The Best Dressed Chicken Processing Plant – the largest in the Caribbean – handles more than 10,000 birds per hour. When the “best dressed” product leaves the Plant, it is a distinctive product that does credit to a Group that has long prided itself on supplying only products of excellence to the marketplace. Young, tender, succulent and easy to prepare, the Best Dressed Chicken enhances the skills of a range of users – from the inexperienced cook to the professional chef. It rewards creativity by the way it responds to various styles of preparation, whether used in the most basic menus or in gourmet meals.

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