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Myles nad wifeNassau, 9 Nov 2014 – Many of you may already know that it is now confirmed that all nine people on board that flight into Freeport from Nassau, which crashed today died. Among them, beloved leader and celebrated author and motivational speaker and Kingdom leader, Dr Myles Munroe.

I am learning that Dr Myles Munroe’s wife and daughter were also on board; his son was at the hotel.
The group was headed to Grand Bahama for a tribute banquet for Ambassador Andrew Young of Atlanta, who may have also been on that plane. Young walked and stood with Dr Martin Luther King Jr in the civil rights struggle which when overcome, changed the world and helped to erase instituted segregation.

Phones communication in Nassau now is clogged. The nation is in shocked and thrust immediately in mourning
NB 12 reports that the plane was trying to fly below bad weather and slammed into a crane at the Grand Bahama Shipyard. Officer Seymour, who heads the Police Force in GB said the scene was a mangled mess.
We are also told that the hospital is swarming with members and other officers at Bahamas Faith Ministries International.

It is still pouring rain in Freeport right now. The downpour is hampering weather conditions.
Civil Aviation confirmed that nine are dead. Transport Minister and BFM are all declining comment at this time!

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