ER Visits High Still; ChikV and Dengue Remain Problematic

Providenciales, 20 Nov 2014 -Emergency visits are up by 45% at hospital here in the Turks and Caicos for September and October with Dengue Fever and Chikungunya bringing residual health problems identified as respiratory tract infection. Between October 19 and November 1st there were 41 cases of acute respiratory infection, 37 cases of Dengue Fever and 31 cases of Chikungunya Virus.

Public Relations Officer from the Turks and Caicos Islands hospitals today said they “can confirm there has been an increase in patients presenting with viral-illness type symptoms over the past three months.” What could not be confirmed is whether or not that new strain of Chikungunya has been detected in the islands; It was explained to Magnetic Media that: “If there is a new strain identified within the region, that information will be supplied to us via the Ministry of Health and Human Services and the National Epidemiology and Research Unit.” In the end, the InterHealth Canada managed facilities advise all residents to continue to wear mosquito repellant, avoid aspirin and consult with your local health care provider if you have a fever.

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