Tourism Enhancement Fund Supports Development Of Heritage Sites

The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) has been financing various projects geared towards the development and preservation of the country’s heritage sites, landmarks and cultural products.
One of the major projects is the beautification and rehabilitation of the town of Falmouth, in Trelawny.
Executive Director of the TEF, Clyde Harrison, explains that the $900 million undertaking involves – the Hampden Wharf Development, estimated to cost $585 million; and the Falmouth Streetscape Improvement Project, budgeted for
$330 million.
The scope of work includes aesthetic and structural improvement to roads and lanes in the vicinity of Water Square in the town.
“We will be looking at the actual town in terms of its authentic nature and work at maintaining its historical integrity…we will be working on the drainage system, and resurfacing areas, in order to enhance the ambiance in the town,” Mr. Harrison said.
He added that the Hampden Wharf Development project will see historical buildings in the vicinity of the wharf being converted for commercial use, with walkways built, allowing smoother traffic flow from the wharf through the current cruise ship pier into the streets.
“We are also continuing the development of Devon House and have, over the years, spent in excess of $100 million on Devon House. We are still continuing to do work as we want to make it a very self-sufficient project, in order to take it off our books in terms of support,” the Executive Director added.
Works valued at approximately $60 million include converting what was the old nursery into a wedding pavilion; installation of extensive lighting; and repairing the roof.
Other projects include the resuscitation of the Old Naval hospital in Port Royal at a cost of $100 million and rehabilitation work at the birthplaces of some of the National Heroes.
Mr. Harrison informed that work has been completed at the Montego Bay Civic Centre, which included resuscitation of the entire area; conversion of the centre into a museum, with a bistro at the back; and repairs to the parking area.
The TEF also contributes to the annual Independence celebrations, the hosting of various cultural festivals and events, and the mounting of exhibitions at the Institute of Jamaica.
“So, we do annual work to expand the culture, bring the culture to the people and secure our heritage. We strive to make projects sustainable and work in partnership with several government agencies to execute the various projects,” Mr. Harrison explained.

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